Mzuzi Group Limited

At Mzuzi Group, we are connecting communities, businesses, and governments with innovative products and services so everyone can tap into the opportunities of digital society. Our market-leading technology, data, and expertise help end-users improve digital access, and transact quickly, safely, and securely. We pride ourselves in providing technology solutions that help work together with our customers to build better businesses.

The best technology

We help every business reach every customer with precision and reliability they need for better business experiences.

Making it easy for our customers

From a single, simple-to-use source, our technology is used everyday, making things better with our products and services for the customer.

Empowering Communities

We're really proud of the fact that, our location technology facilitates digital inclusion. We are building a digital society that includes everyone.

We help every business
reach every customer, and every customer to reach every business in the region and beyond.


Available in all the EAC countries


Serving EAC from a single, simple to-use-source

Impacting lives

Our location intelligence technology is used everyday to unlock opportunity

A global outreach

Our products are accessible globaly

7 Countries

Helping 7 governments delivery better service to the citizenry


We reach every customer, anywhere, and delivering exceptional experiences where they are located

Digital Inclusion

We are tackling the digital divide so that no one is left out. We are committed to improving the lives of many people with help of our products and services.

We work in partnership

Our way of working is collaborative and agile. We believe partnerships break barriers and fuel innovation.

Innovate and Simplify

Because innovation is at the heart of everything we do, we never stop searching for new ideas. We are constantly curious for new innovative solutions to give customers of our products and services exceptional experiences.

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