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From a single, simple-to-use source. We help governments provide faster services to the citizenry, businesses reach their customers, citizens access government services easily, and customers reach businesses. Our solution is tailored to finding better and practical ways of working smarter, and are universally accessible.

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Type a part of address or postcode to begin. Do not forget you can start from any part of the address as demostrated below.

"Empowering businesses to grow"

Business Benefits

By combining leading technology with the richesst data. We we give governments, and businesses in East Africa Community the precision and reliability they require to give their customers the best possible experiences. Our address finder technology helps our customers improve digital access, and deliver seamless experience. Read More



Government and private hospitals allotted a free Mzuzi postcode address


District local government headquarters and district police stations allotted a free Mzuzi postcode address


Free Mzuzi postcodes allotted already.

"The way different sectors will use Mzuzi Postcode"

General Benefits

Because innovation is at the center of everything we do, we are proud to provide location intelligence technology for everyone in every sector. Read More

Our Story

Our story is ingrained in the ingenuity of Henry Mugabe, "the boy" from Mutanoga Primary School, through Kyamate Primary School-Uganda to Kingston University-London. Henry is at the core of all imaginations in all our innovations. "Our approach is to invent and simplify"


Having an address is a human right, and legal requirement . The Mzuzi postcode is for free. We only charge a maintenance fee to keep the addresses alive.

Postcode Address

  • Completely free.


  • Each postcode is only UGX
    30,000= as a yearly maintenance fee.

Postcode Status

  • Get a postcode address allotted to your property, and be seen or found on Mzuzi Postcode App

Help and support

  • Unlimited 24/7 support

The Mzuzi Postcode App

App-solutely fascinating! Do you need to move from point A to point B without asking for directions? The Mzuzi Postcode App is here to get you there.

First, Sign Up for the App. It only takes a moment and you will save time later, open the App, make "Your Today's Visit List", and get going.

On your smart mobile phone, get the app from

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Last Updated: 10-Oct-2022