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Mzuzi postcode is a postcode addressing system for Uganda. It is a nine-character alpha-numeric code made of two parts. The first part (Outward Code) consists of between three to four characters and identifies the principal part of a location or address. The second part (Inward Code) consists of between three to five characters and is unique to an address that identifies the exact location of an address and distinguishes one address from another. The outward code and the inward code are separated by space between them. 

The Mzuzi postcode is made up of letters and numbers. It is alpha-numeric and is made up of between seven to nine characters. There is  limited use of zero (0) and letter (O) in the address to avoid confusion.

A typical Mzuzi postcode looks like K1U 10KR, K12U 2NJ for addresses in Kampala city, E1K for an address in Eldoret district Kenya, KS7T 27KH for an address in Kasulu district Tanzania, or B4B 3AS for an address in Bujumbura city Burundi. Note the space between the outward code (RL3R) and the inward code (14PR) for an address in Rulindo district Rwanda. 

There are basically between five (5) and nine (9) characters i.e., AD2U 8CD for an address in Adjumani district in Uganda,  J6S 7NS for an address in Juba City South Sudan, and K10D 2LS for an address in Kinshasha City DRC. 

Fill in the address application form available on this website, visit any of the Mzuzi offices( use the Mzuzi office finder tool on this website to find the nearest office to you), fill in the Contact Us Form, chat with us on our 24/7 channel on this website,  give us a telephone call, and or send us an email.  We are here and  happy to help.

The Mzuzi postcode is free, we only charge a yearly maintenance fee of USD 12 per postcode.

Yes, and available on Play Store for Android users and App Store for IOS users.  Search for  Mzuzi Postcode App,  install it, and get started. 

The Mzuzi Postcode App is for mapping and navigation from one address to another. The App allows users to easily search for, locate, validate, view live, and see the route( Android users) to take to the desired address location.

Once you call the emergency services and give them your postcode, the system will locate your exact location.  Using the Mzuzi postcode removes the need to ask for directions since the geo-coordinates in the Mzuzi postcode database file provide all the information needed to direct the emergency services to you.

Yes, because each property or business will have a known identifier address that is easy to search, validate, view, and locate in real-time. Additionally, the Mzuzi Postcode App algorithm configures the route from the point of origin to the address, thus eliminating the possibility of getting lost.

Because each property is located at a different geo-coded location although in the same locality. For example, a property at Baskerville Avenue Kololo, and another at Malcomx Avenue Kololo, are both located in Kololo (locality) Uganda but at different locations. Also, the Mzuzi postcode technology  depicts either the first, the first two letters, or a combination of letters of each city or district name i.e., “K” for Kampala city, 'N” for Nairobi City, “J” for Juba city, “E” for Eldort district Kenya, “B” for Bujumbura City, “BA” for Bahati district Tanzania, “SR” for Kisoro district, “AR” for Amolatar district Uganda, and “GA” for Gakenke district Rwanda. This, makes each address unique from the other.

Yes, each outward code of the Mzuzi postcode address incorporates the country alphabet. i.e.,  letter “U” for Uganda, "K" for Kenya, "B" for Burundi, "R" for Rwanda, "T" for Tanzania, "S" for South Sudan, and "D" for DRC. This unique design distinguishes each country from the others.

The Mzuzi postcode is attached to the property rather than the individual occupying the property. 

As a standard, each property has a unique Mzuzi postcode address. Once you move house, you take up the address of the property you have moved to.

Not at all. Each postcode is unique to a property and should never be among properties.

Not at all. Each postcode is unique and can not be shared by two different properties.

You can do this through the normal application process, or you can get to us through our contact channels, or you can walk into one of our office outlets near you( use the Mzuzi Office Finder Tool) on this website to find the nearest office to you, we will help you with the process of getting a new address. 

Depending on the process the applicant uses, and the accuracy of the information provided, it can take less than an hour or a day. At most, it will take two working days.

There could be several reasons for this. Firstly, double-check if you are inputting the address correctly. Secondly, it may be a new property that does not have an address yet or a new address that is not active yet. But if the property has a confirmation SMS, email, or letter of confirmation of allotment to the address, it should work.

The only reason for this could be that the particular property you are occupying has not yet applied for the Mzuzi postcode or that property, in particular, is not allotted the Mzuzi postcode address yet.

Having an address is a human right.

The Mzuzi postcode is part of the national infrastructure. It may be illegal once the Mzuzi postcode acquisition becomes legally bidding. Besides, it is the property, not the individual that gets the address. Therefore, it is not possible to opt-out.

Your privacy is critical to us. We do not keep any of your persoan data. But, some of the data we hold include business names that attimes, can be the name of an individual. The information shown on the Mzuzi postcode or the Mzuzi Postcode Search is based on information provided by the property owners or the applicants.

The Mzuzi postcode address can only legally be shared and used by the legal occupants of a given household or property. It is illegal to use or share an address for which is not your legal place of abode.

For all your queries please email us at or or submit a query through the Contact Us Form, or Use Our Web Chat, and WhatsApp Services.  You can also write to us at:

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