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Mzuzi Postcode App

Mzuzi Postcode APP

APP-solutely fascinating. Save time and automate your business with Mzuzi postcode. The App is available for both Android, and IOS devices. It take a few minutes to download and set up. Get started and manage everything at Mzuzi postcode App central. The App was designed with the end-user in mind, in order to help the users maximize value from digital transformations.

Accurately takes you to your destination

The Mzuzi Postcode App accurately identifies the address, figures out the route to the address, and you can view the data on a map, all on your smart device. Whether you’re frustrated with deliveries never reaching your location, or having to give directions to taxi drivers, bodaboda ridders, and or visiting friends, and relatives, your Mzuzi postcode App will help accurately direct goods, services and people to your door step.

Mzuzi postcode App benefits

  • Easy to set up. On your smart mobile phone, get the app from Google play and App store
  • The App is for free, all you need is to register for the App
  • Accurately identifies the address, and the route to the address. The App is handy in case of emergencies like medical, fire, accident, and flood evacuations
  • Helps business save time, avoid human error, and focus on what matters
  • Planning, tracking , route optimization, and delivery of goods and services has never been easier than with the Mzuzi postcode App
  • It is App-solutely local-"BUBU", and for everyone
Having a Mzuzi App will mean

Mzuzi postcode App for Businesses

There are many business benefits that come with Mzuzi postcode App, including;

  • Promotes the tourism and hospitality industry
  • Opens up businesses to the global business chain
  • Improved logistics and distribution planning
  • Quickens the provision of essential services within communities such as social education, housing and health services because of know locations
  • Will help streamline the transport industry  
  • Faster and more accurate capture of address information promotes faster delivery customer services
  • Promotes the emergency of new business especially e-commerce as an enabler

Contact Us about how to get your Mzuzi postcode business address and enjoy the Mzuzi postcode App benefits.


Last Updated: 20-Jan-2023