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Welcome to Mzuzi Postcode (MP), the easy-to-use postcode system that helps you to use the Mzuzi Postcode Address System.
With complete control, find the Mzuzi Postcode User Manual (MPUM) below for all the information you need to make the most of its features. The MPUM will help you get started with the Mzuzi postcode system. Click the download button below to get started.

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We help the public, businesses, and every public body to locate every registered individual address in the region.

An Unbeatable Location Intelligence Technology

We are EAC's best location intellingence technology. Our Mzuzi postcode address system is the best and most reliable in the region. Our coverage reaches the remotest locations of the EAC region.

Smart Postcode System

Your Mzuzi postcode can help accurately identify the address and make the delivery of goods, services, and critical emergencies to households, businesses, and public bodies easier.


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Business and Services

With Mzuzi Postcode, you can search, view, and validate any address in the EAC region despite your location. Discover what the Mzuzi Postcode Address can do for your business. Visit the business benefits page on this website and learn more.

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User Manual

Please download the user manual below and enjoy the Mzuzi Postcode Address user experience.


Last Updated: 20-Jan-2023