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What is Mzuzi Postcode

Mzuzi Postcode

Mzuzi postcode, is EAC's postcode address software designed and developed by Mzuzi Group Limited. With this postcode address system software, each property no matter the location, every flat in an apartment, each office in a multi-storeyed building, every shop in every mall or arcade, and each house or property in the rural countryside across East African Community Countries will receive a unique address that can receive a post. The Mzuzi postcode system will enable people, and businesses to find every address in the 7 countries of EAC, thus helping end-users to a faster, easier way to capture and verify addresses, and address locations.
Currently, the region has not a clearly defined address system, and for a long time it has been difficult for those delivering goods and services to accurately identify the location of an address. The Mzuzi postcode address system is here to solve this problem and removes the hassle and difficulty of finding addresses across the region.
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How Mzuzi Postcode Works

K1U  10KR

Mzuzi postcode is a between seven and nine character alpha-numeric code made up of two parts, with a space in between the two parts. The first part is the routing key (OUTWARD CODE), and the second part is the unique identifier (INWARD CODE). The first part always has a constant letter that defines the country, for example "U" for Uganda, "K" for Kenya, "T" for Tanzania, "B" for Burundi, "R" for Rwanda, "D" for Democratic Republic of Congo, and "S" for South Sudan.

This example of K1U 10KR, demostrates the format of the Mzuzi postcode across board

Routing Key:


The first part (a Routing Key) or INWARD CODE consists of between three to four characters and defines a principal area in a locality. The first letter of the routing key defines the name of the city or district in Uganda.


Unique Identifier:


The second part (a Unique Identifier) or OUTWARD CODE consists of between three to five characters, is unique to each address, and distinguishes one address from another in a given location. The letter or two letters of the unique identifier define the exact location of the address.


Last Updated: 20-Jan-2023